Dear Parents


A big thanks to all our helpers this term. We really appreciate your input into helping our school provide extra opportunities for your children.

This week we welcome Kees Groot and his family to our school. We hope they enjoy their time at Sacred Heart.


Good luck to our Aerobics teams taking part in the Aerobics festival on Saturday morning: Ruby Duffy, Lilly Heads, Briarlee Devery, Brooke Johnstone, Anika Winders, Jordis Belesky, Megan Sullivan.

Please meet Mrs Williams, 8am at Centre Stage, Don St.


Sunday Mass – Change of Time

Sunday  Mass will now be at 11.00am instead of 10.30am until the end of September. This will be reviewed once Fr Tony is back.


Netball Poles

A big thanks to Karl Hawkes and Alan Contracting for re-setting the sleeves for the netball poles. This was much appreciated.

I will be chasing up the engineer repairing the poles to have them here for the first day of next term.


Mufti Day Tomorrow

There will be a mufti day for children tomorrow Friday 8 July. Children are asked to wear mufti clothing and bring a gold coin to donate to Caritas in supporting Nila Primary School in the Solomon Islands.


All clothing to be taken home tomorrow

Please remember to get your children to take home all their clothing.


Ski Trip Friday 2 September

Sacred Heart Ski Trip is booked for Friday 2 September. This trip is for Year 5-6 students and Year 4 students who are accompanied by a parent. Fees will be $100 per person.  More information next term.


PTA – Oysters Raffle Results

Congratulations to the following people who won prizes in the Oyster Raffle. Thank you to the families who supported this fundraiser, we raised approx $2,000. Harrington house sold the most cards and will be treated to hot chips tomorrow for their lunch. The Tagomoa-Kaa family sold 5 cards and will receive 1 doz oysters and a bottle of wine.

Unfortunately we have now been notified, there are no oysters at the factory today, so pick up from school will now be tomorrow.


1st = Hank Oudhoff from the Lindsay card

2nd = Peter Hardy from the Adams’ card

3rd = Jo Toogood from the Waddel card

4th = Boniface from the Boniface card

5th = Hillman from the Hillman card

6th = Brasso from the Wanakore card

7th = Tagomoa-Kaa from the Tagomoa-Kaa

8th = Pickett from the Pickett card

9th = Bruce Stockman from the Stockman card

10th = Carol Christmas from the Van Beek card


Family Works – Making a Difference Together

Parenting and caring for children can be challenging and we all need support and encouragement to be the great parents we want to be. Family Works has a range of free programmes that can do just that. Have a look on the noticeboard in the junior corridor and see if there is anything that interests you and your family.



FAITH  FACT – The Kingdom of God

Crossing the threshold of faith entails the ongoing conversion of our attitudes, the manners and the standards by which we live; voicing our thoughts in new, unvarnished terms, without papering over differences; offering the new form that Jesus Christ imprints on anyone whom He has touched with his hand and his Gospel of Life, encouraging one another to do something unprecedented for society and for the Church; because “if anyone is in Christ, he is a new creation” (2 Cor. 5:17-21).


Altar Servers – Volunteers for the holidays, please.


Netball Results – Finals

Well: Grand Finals were held at the Stadium on Tuesday, and it wasn’t a Steel playoff!

Melons last game, saw them take out 5th in their Division, with Maiya TK earning POD for outstanding defence and having a great attitude all term.

Sacred Heart Apples, undefeated, won their final playoff convincingly, against Waverley, 21-2, earning them top spot. POD was Ava Aitken for her midcourt drive.

Well done girls, you made us, coaches and parents, incredibly proud.

Netball practice will be held first Monday of school next term.


Invercargill City Library

I am currently running a consultation for the Invercargill City Library.

The library is looking for feedback on it’s proposed new layout. Some of the changes directly affect the children’s area and offer a teen areas.

I have attached a link to the consultation and the document that explains it. If you or your child is interested in taking part in this, could you follow this link:

Kind regards – Kari Graber







Room 1 Class Happenings


During Term 2, Room 1 have been learning and talking about fire safety.


Yesterday Fireman Sam and Fireman Brad came to school to talk to us about fire safety. This is what we have learnt:


·      If smoke is up high in a room, walk out quickly.  If smoke is low, crawl out of the room.  James


·      We need a safe meeting place at home for when we get out of the house. Somewhere like the letterbox.   Zoe


·      We meet at the number 1 in the car park at school even if we are in the playground playing.  Sophie


·      It is OK to break a window to get out of a room.  Bryden


·      If you find matches or a lighter lying around give them to an adult.  Jacob


·      Don’t go back into the house to get anything.  Sam


·      A candle should always be in a candle holder.  Izabella


·      You can buy new toys but you can’t buy a new me.  Lucas


·      You can yell “FIRE!, FIRE!, FIRE!, really loud in a fire so other people wake up.  Nadia


·      The firemen will try and get the pets out of a fire.  Mason


.       GET DOWN, GET LOW, GET OUT, FAST!  Charlotte