Tena Koutou Katoa

At Mass last week the 1st reading came from Ezekiel:  Then he said to me, “Son of man, eat this scroll I am giving you and fill your stomach with it.” So I ate it, and it tasted as sweet as honey in my mouth.

Father Tony explained to us that Ezekiel ate the scroll that carried the word of God so it would become part of him and he would live the word he consumed. As Catholic’s we are called to “live the word” by showing God’s love to those around us.  Students at Sacred Heart are focusing on Aroha this term – how do we show love to those around us – kindness, respectfulness and caring.

Key Dates
23rd August Kennedy school of Music tour 11am
25th August – Bike skills team for students in Year 3+(rescheduled from Term 1)
28th August – Working Bee 11.00am

Our focus expectation for the next two weeks is to wear the correct uniform with pride and respect. Students will be rewarded for meeting the expectation in two ways.
a) going into the draw to win buzz bars.
b) house points for which there will be an end of term reward for the winning house.

Note of Thanks
I wish to acknowledge those parents who went on the ski trip last week. Trips like this cannot happen without your support. Special thanks to Maria Bedggood and Alama Taula for their organisation. There is a lot that happens behind the scenes to make experiences like this possible.

Inquiry and Community Garden
This term our inquiry is based around Matariki and our community garden. Students have begun their class competitions of growing peas and beans. When they have matured they will be planted in our garden. Thank you to Mrs Ivey for being a driving force behind this project – organising planter boxes, seeds and compost.

Sensory Path
Plans are underway for the development of a sensory path outside Aroha and Tika. The purpose of this space is to encourage students to self-regulate when they are in a heightened state. Thanks to the Friends of the School for their support with this.

Friends of the School – Upcoming Events

  • Muffins – On the 30th August there will be muffins for sale after mass -$1 each.
  • Our next meeting will be on the 22nd September in the staffroom at 7pm.
  • Disco Fever – save the date!! On the 29th September the Friends of the School will be hosting a disco in the Atrium – Fluro is the theme! More details to come.

Faith Facts
Week 4 – The Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary: This day celebrates the mystery that the Virgin Mary was taken into heaven body and soul. Mary’s assumption into heaven is also the patronal feast of the Catholic people in NZ. In other words, she is the Patrol saint of NZ and this week is her feast day.

Who was St Bernard? And what has it got to do with dogs?

Saint Bernard (1090 – 1153) was a clever and holy man who guided many princes, popes and holy people and helped them in their faith. He founded an order of monks that grew to have many monasteries called Cistercian monks and monasteries.

There was a monastery high up in the Swiss mountains on the St Bernard’s Pass. It was called the monastery of St Bernard. It was a hospital for the sick and injured. At that monastery they had dogs that turned out to be very good at rescuing people in the snow and ice. They became named St Bernard. But guess what this monastery was named after a different St Bernard!! St Bernard of Menthon (923 – 1008) and he started this monastery for travellers.

Week 4 – The feast of the Queenship of Mary was started in 1954 by Pope Pius XII but the tradition of celebrating Mary as queen of heaven goes back much earlier. The Church leaders often referred to Mary as “lady” and “queen” as early as the fourth century. The basic concept is that if Jesus is “king”, then it is fitting that Mary, his mother, would share in his reign as queen. Many older Catholics will know the beautiful hymn “Hail Queen of Heaven”. Worth a wee listen.

St Bartholomew was one of the twelve apostles. He taught all about Jesus in India and Western Asia in the very early years of Christianity. He was a great missionary for Jesus who travelled far and wide.

Akomanga Aroha Class Happenings
Akomanga Aroha are excited to begin the third school term with our inquiry topic of ‘living/non-living things.’  In class we have started our inquiry in to finding answers to our questions of what are living/non-living things and what do they need to survive.  This has sparked a lot of interest for the children and they are excited to participate in class workbook activities, writing stories, reading books, watching videos and sharing their stories and knowledge with each other.

This week Akomanga Mana have been so kind as to set each classroom challenge by giving them 2 bean seeds and 2 pea seeds to look after.  Over the next few months we will see which of the classes tends to their seeds the best, which ones will sprout the fastest and grow the tallest too.  Akomanga Aroha have been excited to accept the challenge and after a good class discussion as to where is the best place for us to put our seeds, they are now residing in a special place close to our classroom so we can tend to them daily.  Thank you Brooklyn for providing some plastic bottles for us to cut and place over top of our plants to help them soak up the sun and to stay protected from the frosts and from getting too much rain.  It is wonderful to see the tamariki keen to learn more about growing things and also excited to show everyone how big our plants will grow so as the term progresses we will continue to foster their interest by investigating and gathering information together.

Community Notices