Kia ora whanau

Welcome back to Term 4.  It has been a very busy start for me as Acting Principal.  As you can imagine there is a lot that I need to know about your school, your children and how things are run here. The Board of Trustees and the staff have been very supportive in helping me find my feet.

Staff absences are usually covered by relievers that come into our school. Unfortunately, this week there has been two staff absences and one reliever available.  This has meant that one class has had to be split.  Although this is not ideal, it may happen again this term.  Most schools in the area are experiencing difficulty in getting relievers at short notice.

Due to Covid restrictions there are some activities in the school which will not go ahead.  These are activities around inter-school sport and outings that had been planned to take place.  We have some activities planned for our students here at school which I am sure they will enjoy.

We continue to ask that parents and caregivers wear a mask when entering the school grounds.  If you need to speak to a teacher please be aware that you are asked to scan and sign in and to wear a mask when you are in the building.

The carpark area for pick ups is very busy in the afternoons.  I have been observing the flow of traffic and what happens during the pick-up time.  I realise that there is no easy fix to this situation but as of Tuesday (next week) we will revert to keeping the students behind the school grounds fence on the tennis court.  Your co-operation is appreciated until we can resolve this situation.

If your child will be absent, please let the school know by ringing the office on: 2157317 or sending an email to:

I have noticed a number of students are arriving late.  School starts at 8.55am.  It is important that students are punctual and ready to start the school day on time.

I look forward to meeting the school community so please introduce yourselves to me.  I have managed to speak to some school whanau in and around the school.  I am enjoying getting to know the tamariki and the friendliness and welcoming environment is helping me to settle in.

We all wish you an enjoyable and safe Labour weekend and look forward to seeing everyone on Tuesday.

Nga mihi,
Sue Fleming,
Acting Principal

News from the BOT meeting held 18th October 2021

The BOT would like to inform the school community of the following-

  • Victoria King’s resignation has been accepted.
  • Sue Fleming has been appointed as Acting Principal
  • The Property team has visited the school and conversations around B block have resulted in the school being asked to put forward a proposal to modernise the area as there is a fund available.
  • Thanks to Mason Allison for writing to the BOT regarding the replacement of the goal posts.
  • The BOT has received a resignation from Leanne Liggett due to work commitments. This takes effect immediately. As there is a BOT election next year the BOT will update the community regarding a replacement. 

Faith Facts

Week 1: October 18 – 22 (Green)

18th St Luke, evangelist

Luke Gospel. Forgiveness and God’s mercy to sinners is also of first importance to Luke. Only in Luke’s gospel do we hear the story of the Prodigal Son welcomed back by the overjoyed father. Only in Luke do we hear of the forgiven woman disrupting the feast by washing Jesus’ feet with her tears. Throughout Luke’s gospel, Jesus takes the side of the sinner who wants to return to God’s mercy.

Week 2: October 25 – 29 (Green)

25th Labour Day

28th Sts Simon and Jude
31st Mission Sunday

World Mission Sunday is celebrated in every Catholic community in the world. It is first and foremost the celebration that all baptised are missionaries. We participate in the Mission of God – to bring the Good News that God is here and wants to give life abundantly (Jn 10:10).

Southland Cricket
Mark from Southland Cricket will be at school tomorrow to work with the children running drills, tips etc.

School Photos  
School photos will take place next Wednesday 27th October. The children must be neat and tidy and in correct summer uniform.
If you require a family photo, please contact the school office to put your name on the list.
Parents are also welcome to bring younger siblings in for a family photo from 8.30 – 9.00am.

Scholastic Bookclub – Issue 7 closes next Friday 29th October.

PTA – the next meeting will be held on the 1st November at school at 6pm. All welcome.

Subway – this continues on a Thursday. All orders must be in to the office by 9am.

Hot Dogs / Cup Cakes $3 – This will start up again next Friday 29th October.

Akomanga Manaaki Class Happenings 
It has been lovely to see the children again after the holidays.  It seems they have all grown an inch with the sunshine we were treated to!
The children of Manaaki have launched into term 4 and are looking forward to this term of remembrance, advent and of course learning!
Term 4 will see Akomanga Manaaki take learning outside to develop their striking skills. This begins on Friday with a Cricket Southland session. Watch out for action photos.
Our RE learning will centre around the upcoming All Saints and All Souls days.  In the coming weeks members or our class community will be celebrating their First Holy Communion and we support them as they do this.
Manaaki’s Art focus is on sketching with a pencil.
We are working with guidance from artist Joe Mcmenamin, his instruction is very welcome! Some of the children joined him during lockdown as he ran a few zoom lessons.
We are first learning to use variants of shade and tone, and will look forward to applying these to subjects including a fantail and how to draw an eye.
Our writing is advancing as we learn to be deliberate in our language choices and paragraph structures.  We will be constructing recounts, instructions, poems and posters.
At home and in class children continue to work on their STEPSWEB programs and make gains as they do so.
Our reading has an emphasis on reorganizing information and answering questions based on what we have read.  Independent activities are supporting this as we complete dictionary scavenger hunts, crosswords and proof reading tasks.
Numeracy learning will revisit strategies learned earlier in the year, and apply these to working with measurement.  We are also looking closely at word problems; identifying what is being asked, what will the problem look like in a number sentence?
In the playground the children are excited to see that new eggs have been laid in the nest we had been taking a keen interest in.  Last term we watched the previous baby birds grow and leave the nest!  Wow we wonder if these eggs will be the same type of bird?

Congratulations to these Akomanga Manaaki children who received certificates this week.