Kia ora whanau

We are in full swing of our terms learning.  It has been great to see the children learning about the Olympics and watching the amazing athletes. We will be having our own Olympics celebration on the 27th August.

Life Education Van
Life Education Trust Southland has visited Sacred Heart School the last two days to deliver health sessions to the classes. This year the children are having sessions on Relationships & Sexuality Education (RSE). Sessions have been developed to assist the school to meet some of the Health & PE curriculum achievement objectives for each level. Information about RSE in schools can be found here

Y0-4: Kindness and Conflict Resolution
We discuss what will boost others (kind behaviours) and what might bug others (unkind behaviours). We identify independent strategies to use when someone is bugging us or when we are having a disagreement. We also learn breathing techniques so we can keep calm.

Y5-6:  Pubertal Change
The children share how they feel about growing up and identify how to manage feelings positively and safely.  We learn how old someone is when they might start puberty and how puberty starts.  We learn the correct names for parts of the reproductive system.  We look at some of the body changes that occur during puberty.  This includes periods, erections, wet dreams. We learn about keeping happy and healthy during puberty.
If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to get in touch with the school.

100th Student Celebration 16th August
On Monday 16th August we have our 100th student enrolled at Sacred Heart for 2021.  To celebrate with the children, we are asking that the children either dress us as a 100 year old or what would have been worn 100 years ago.

School Arrivals
We love to see all of the beautiful smiles on the children’s faces each morning, however we are concerned at the number of children who are being dropped off early in the morning, when no staff are on site. Yesterday there were 21 children waiting unsupervised for a teacher to arrive. The school is not responsible for the safety of children before 8.30am and anytime after 3pm unless previously organised with the school.

Countdown One Card
We have a Countdown One card which was found in the carpark. If you are missing one, please pop in to the office and check if it belongs to you.

Miniball Yr 3-6
Mini-ball registrations are open. Parents have till Friday 3rd of September to register their child.

Ski Trip
A final notice will be sent out tonight to the parents involved.  We trust you all will have a fabulous day.

Altar Servers for the Month of August
15th August = J Russell
22nd August = R Mohenoa
29th August = L Williams

Term 3 Dates
12 August – Life Education
13 August – Life Education
16 August – 100 children celebration – Mufti day
17 August – Ski Trip
27 August – Olympics’ Celebration
27 August – Daffodil Day
17 September – Teacher’s Only Day
19 September – First Holy Communion and Confirmation
29 September – NZ Catholic Schools Day
29-1 October – Year 6 Camp
1 October – END OF TERM

Faith Facts

Week 3 9th – 13th August

10th St Lawrence
11th St Clare
15th Assump

The Catholic Church assigns one date out of the year for each and canonised saint — known as the saint’s feast day.  The saints are remembered on their individual feast days with special mention, prayers, and possibly a scripture reading.
The 15th of August is the feast of the Assumption of Mary. Mary is the Patron saint of Aotearoa New Zealand.

Week 4 16th – 20th August
20th St Bernard

Saint Bernard (1090-1153) was a clever and Holy man who guided many princes, popes and holy people and helped them in their faith. He founded an order of monks that grew to have many monasteries. These were known as Cistercian monasteries. We have a monastery here on New Zealand. You can read all about them here

Our thoughts and prayers this week are with the Duffy family.

PTA Meeting
There will be a PTA meeting this Monday 16th, 6pm in the school staffroom. All parents are most welcome to attend.

Congratulations to Lucy Cook who was our Charism winner last week, and all the children who got certificates.

Congratulations also to Nadia Hutton who represented Sacred Heart School at the NZcaf Aerobic’s festival recently. We are delighted for Nadia as she has qualified for the Nationals being held in Wellington in September.

Akomanga Manaaki Class Happenings

What’s on in Akomanga Manaaki…
This term we have been lucky enough to have ‘Lego Challenges with Lindsay from the Library’.
Lego is such a great tool for creativity and design.  Lindsay has 3 bins of Lego he brings in for the children to build from.
The level of engagement is high as all children feel pride in their work.
We have been testing our problem solving skills and our stick-ability with a series of challenges that have so far seen us build the tallest tower and a working marble race.  We are finding that our first idea may not work and we need to make changes, we are finding out who we can work well with and if we prefer to work alone.
We are sticking with our builds, even when it feels hard, we are finding that there is more than one way to succeed.
We have one more visit from Lindsay next week and we can’t wait to see what our project will be.

Community Notices 

Free Comic Book 2021 is on the 14th August at Invercargill Public Library from 10am  to 1pm.
So much cool stuff to see and do! We have so many (1000) comic books this year to give away (for free) and the selection is awesome. We have dozens of titles to choose from including Archie, Avengers, Spiderman, Smurfs and Investigators and so many many more.
We also have an amazing collection of super hero and pop memorabilia for you to enjoy.  We have a squad of stormtroopers turning up.
You get one comic for turning up and one for either dressing up or bringing a donation along for the Salvation Army Food Bank. So bring those non perishable items along! Max 2 comics per person. We also have spot prizes to be won.
Greenlight Innovations are proud to run this event with the support of Invercargill City Libraries and Archives and a massive thank you to our sponsor Mee and Henry Law Limited.
So get your costumes ready and add the date to your diary!