14th March 2019

Dear Parents
Welcome to Hamish, Reuben and Nina McIntyre, Natasha and Charlotte Pickett and Lotte Cowan who joined the children at Sacred Heart School in the last fortnight. We hope they all enjoy their time with us.

Faith Facts – WEEK 7  11th – 15th March  1st Week of Lent

40 Days of Lent – Significance of 40 In Bible! Number 40 is mentioned around 146 times in the Holy Bible, it usually is a time of testing, trials, and repentance. We also fast for 40 days during Lent.
40 days and 40 nights of Great Flood
Moses is Prince of Egypt for 40 years
Israelites wander in forest for 40years
Jonah warns people of Nineveh to Repent or be destroyed in 40 Days
Jesus fasts for 40 days

WEEK 8   18th – 22nd March and 2nd Week of Lent
18th St Patrick’s Day
19th St Joseph
St. Patrick of Ireland is one of the world’s most popular saints. Patrick preached and converted all of Ireland for 40 years. He worked many miracles, and, in his writing, he wrote of his love of God. After years of living in poverty, traveling and enduring much suffering he died March 17, 461. He died at Saul, where he had built the first church
Why a shamrock? Patrick used the shamrock to explain the Trinity and has been associated with him and the Irish since that time.

St Joseph. Everything we know about the husband of Mary and the foster father of Jesus comes from Scripture. Despite his humble work and means, Josephcame from a royal lineage. Indeed the angel who first tells Joseph about Jesus greets him as “son of David,” a royal title used also for Jesus. We celebrate two feast days for Joseph: March 19 for Joseph the Husband of Mary and May 1 for Joseph the Worker.

Congratulations to our Week 6 & 7 charism winners – Jacob Humm and Jesse Van Beek! And also to all the children who got certificates.



BOT Elections  – 7th June
Please contact me if you are interested in standing for the Board of Trustees.

PTA AGM – 18/3 @ 6pm
This will be held in the school staffroom at 6pm on Monday 18th March prior to the Board meeting. All welcome, apologies to office@shsinv.school.nz

School Fair
Now that the financials have been completed, we are pleased to let you know that we made just over $11,000 at our fair last year.  These funds will contribute to the upgrade of our school playground once the building work is complete.  Again we thank everybody who helped in so many ways.  Your support is what made it such a great community success. 

Zone Athletics – 22/3
These will be held for 8-10 year old children next Friday ay Surrey park. There will be a notice coming home next week.
On Monday we host the zone schools for the 1500m and 7 year old 60 & 100 m finals. Parents of the 7 year olds will be emailed tomorrow.

Junior Sports Day – Thursday 28th March
Junior Sports Day will be held on Thursday 28th March, commencing at 1.15pm on the back field. Children will need to be in their sports uniform.                                                  There will be a parents running race at the end of the day so bring your running shoes!

Uniform Sale
Are you looking for winter uniform items or have clothing your family is finished with?  Friday, 5 April 2019, we will have a second hand uniform sale. If you have any uniform (to be in re-saleable/good second hand condition), you would like to donate, please drop off at the office before this date. We will give more information closer to the time, regarding the time of sale.             
Listed is the winter uniform the children will change to next term.

Winter Girls            (Terms 2 & 3)
White long sleeved button to neck blouse
Blue V neck jersey
Navy blue or white socks
Navy blue tights
White skivvy
Tan, brown, navy or black shoes

Winter Boys             (Terms 2 & 3)
Winter weight grey shorts
Long sleeved button to neck grey shirt
Blue V neck jersey
Grey knee high socks
Tan, brown, navy or black shoes

Sports Uniform   
Sacred Heart Maroon polo shirt
Sacred Heart Hoodie
Plain Navy blue shorts
Plain Navy trackpants
Sports shoes and socks

For Sale:  New Boys Winter Shorts – Size 4, 6, 8 $20 each. Lovely winter weight pull up boys shorts. No zip or buckle. Available at the office.

Personal Grooming:
Wrist watches and ear studs are the only jewellery permitted.  (One small stud in each ear).  Student’s hair is to be kept tidy and tied back if long.  Red, navy, blue or black hair accessories only. All articles of clothing are to be named. Temporary permission may be granted for uniform variance by sending a note to the class teacher.
Information regarding the purchasing of uniforms (including sports uniforms) is available at the school office.

Roald Dahl Books  “McDonald’s is now handing out Roald Dahl’s entire collection with its Happy Meals.  The fast food chain will be dishing out 800,000 copies of the books with every kids meal purchased in New Zealand to encourage its young diners to read more.“The Happy Meal Readers programme is all about helping parents to get their children to enjoy reading,”  said the director of marketing at McDonald’s New Zealand, Jo Mitchell. Kiwis will be able to collect some of the author’s most popular titles one cheeseburger – or wrap – at a time.”

If you do not need these books we would love to collect them at school for novel sets. 

Scholastic Bookclub – Issue 2 will close on Friday 22nd March. A reminder parents can purchase online at: scholastic.co.nz

The 2019/2020 Entertainment Book will be available next term. Get in early and pre-order your book @ https://www.entertainmentbook.co.nz/orderbooks/2600961 

Room 8 Class Happenings
In Art we have been working on self-portraits which we then went over in vivid and dyed.  We thought about the things we saw on our holiday and recorded these events on over-sized glasses.  Don’t we look great! Pop in and see the rest if you’d like to.

In Writing we have been thinking about colours and writing descriptive poems about them.

Green is like a big green apple.
The green grass is swishing in the wind.
Green is like a cool green car.
I like the green Fruit Burst, they are yummy.
Green is like a yummy lolly.
The green race car zooms past.
By Maddie and Jacob

The cool black
My bird is black and some are not.
A black motorbike is zooming on the road.
My truck is a pretty black.
The black dress is getting washed in a black washer.
My room is black.
A bird is black.

The pink monster
Pink is a nice yummy marshmallow.
Pink flowers moving in the wind.
Pink clothes getting washed in the pink washing machine.
Pink is a friend.
Pink marshmallows hopping in the fire.
Pink is my favourite colour
pink is a nice boat.
By Ella, Morgan, Catlin and Lucy.

Marist Rugby Club – Any new or intending rugby players in 2019 are invited to a weigh-in/registration at our Miller Street clubrooms on: Sunday 24 March 10:30 am-noon and Tuesday 26 March 4.30-5.30 pm. Subs $40 player/ $60 family.