Dear Parents


Welcome back to Term 3. Some of the events this term include:

2 & 10 August           Year 5 & 6 Netball Tournaments

3 August                    John Parsons – Cyber Safety

8 August                    Speech Competitions

9 August                    School Olympics

14 August                  Feast of the Assumption

30 August                  Polyfest

2 September              Ski Trip


We also look forward to Fr. Tony returning after his Tour of Duty or the Mercy hospital ship sailing around the Pacific.


We welcome Sean Hartstonge and Macey Henderson who joined the children in Room 1 on Monday, and Jack Dillinger who joined the Room 8 pupils this morning. We hope you and your families enjoy your time at Sacred Heart.


Mufti for Caritas

Thank you to the children who brought a gold coin last term for Caritas, to support Nila Primary School in the Solomon Islands. $144 was donated.


Communication Survey

At the Board meeting on Monday we discussed the many and varied ways information is sent to and from school.

We currently have a weekly newsletter – paper and on-line and emailed, class emails, facebook, the school website and some class newsletters.

All of these are used but not by all parents, often meaning we are producing the same information in multiple formats.

On a number of occasions I have asked for feedback but have had limited response. This time we will be using Survey Monkey (an online survey tool) to ask 5 – 6 questions. The link will be sent out next week. Please make the time to complete this as changes will be made based on this survey.


John Parsons – Cyber Safety

John Parsons will be here next Wednesday in classes and will run a parent information night at 7.00pm. P lease RSVP to let your childs teacher or me know if you are attending.


Netball Practise Yr 5/6

Reminder netball practice will be held at the stadium from 3pm-4pm. All pupils are to meet under the verandah for transportation.



Please have all Basketball forms in by next Friday 7th August.

A reminder, places are not confirmed until payment is made.


Year 6 Camp Fundraiser – Results

1st Prize 1 Hogget                     Dunn Tribe (Maiya’s Card)

Kindly donated by Theo White

2nd Prize 5 doz Oysters            Jacqui O’Connor (Summer’s Card)

3rd Prize 2 doz Oysters            Kerry Drummond (Jade’s Card)

4th Prize 1 doz Oysters            Aimee K (Bella-Rose’s Card)

5th Prize 1 doz Oysters            Diana Hawkes (Maiya’s Card)


FAITH  FACT – Week 1: 25 – 29 July


World Youth Day Krakow 25th – 31st July

July 25th – St James the Apostle: James, son of Zebedee was one of the Twelve Apostles of Jesus, and traditionally considered the first apostle to be martyred. He was a son of Zebedee and Salome, and brother of John the Apostle.

July 29th – St Martha”Jesus loved Martha and Mary and Lazarus.” This unique statement in John’s gospel tells us of the special relationship Jesus had with Martha, her sister, and her brother. Jesus was a frequent guest at Martha’s home in Bethany, a small village two miles from Jerusalem. We read of three visits in Luke 10:38-42, John 11:1-53, and John 12:1-9. Martha welcomes Jesus and his disciples into her home and immediately goes to work to serve them.


Laudato Si’

Pope Francis’s highly anticipated encyclical – Laudato Si’ is now out.  Saint Francis of Assisi reminds us that our common home is like a sister with whom we share our life and a beautiful mother who opens her arms to embrace us.  Here are some things to know and share.

What are the basic facts about this encyclical?  An encyclical is a teaching document issued by the pope. Encyclicals are among the more solemn and thus more authoritative papal documents.  This one is called Laudato Si’ (“Be praised” or “Praise be to you”)—a line by St. Francis of Assisi.  Laudato Si’ is the first encyclical prepared entirely at Pope Francis’s initiative.  It is devoted to ecology and related themes.


Altar Servers

Saturday 30 July 7.00 pm:    Josh Henderson & Mason Coulthard

Sunday 31 July 10.30am:      Charlie Baynes & Kate Russell

Children’s Liturgy:                   Maria Baynes


Out of School Music are running their final Music Awareness Class for the year. This class teaches rhythm, beat, high/low notes, soft/loud sounds. A fun class for 5-6 year olds. $30/6 weeks Saturday mornings 11.30-12.30 beginning Aug 13th. Based at Girl’s High. Contact Deborah 216-5137 or email



 Class Happenings Room 2

We have some new children in Room 2 this term.  We have enjoyed hearing about their holidays.

I went to Kidzone with Mum, Dad and Penelope.  I liked the carousel best.  Leanne

I went to the swimming pool.  I swam and I got new white and blue goggles.  Kees

In the weekend it was my birthday and it was fun .  I watched  “Ballerina Class” on TV with Mum, Ella and McKenzie.  Morgan

In the holidays I had a mouse in the towel cupboard.  We caught it in a mouse trap and I put it in the rubbish.  Taya

I roasted marshmellows on a fire.  They kept burning and going on fire.  Ella

I went to the pool with my sisters and my Mum.  We went to the Ascot Hotel with my family because we have been good at school.  Then we went to Leap in Dunedin.  Vinny

I went fishing at Dad’s river and I caught a big trout.   I let it go because I wanted to see it swim away.  Jacob H

In the school holidays I went to Kidzone with Nana, Richard, Mum, Dad, Ethan, Abby and Hayley.  I got my face painted as a tiger.

Jacob R

In the weekend I went to Transport World and I went to the café and I got a roast and a lemonade.  I went for a play in the playground and I played on the big concrete truck.   I found a pink and white cloth and I cleaned the whole entire truck.  At the end I got a hot chocolate. Ollie

In the holidays we played “Teacher” with Hannah. Hannah was the teacher and Molly and I were the little kids.  We got to make a sticker chart and we got some stickers.   Zoe

I went to the movies to see the “BFG”.  I liked when the big giant picked up the girl and took her to his home. She ran away and went back to her home. Charlotte

I went eel trapping.  I almost caught an eel but it was in the water and it escaped and then it was on dry land.  The trap was a lot made for lobsters and a wee bit made for eels.  Lucas

I went to Leo D’s party in the holidays.  We watched “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory”.  It had a lot of chocolate.  We had chips, gummy bears and marshmellows.  When the sun came out I watched “Zootopea”.  Case

I went tenpin bowling and karting.  I won the bowling.  It was fun.  I loved it.  Baylee

In the holidays  I went to the museum with Zoe.  We did a treasure hunt.  I found all of the things.  I saw Henry the tuatara.  Izabella

I went to Kidzone and went ice skating. Dad came with my sisters.  I fell over, I got up and tried again.  Lucy