Dear Parents

There are a couple of items to look out for this week. The interview website will be on-line tomorrow afternoon and there is a flier asking for old media for a Rotary fundraiser. Also our school Mass & picnic to follow.

Next week I will be away at camp with our Year 6 children and there will not be a newsletter.

Mrs Stupples has been doing a great job of keeping our facebook page updated, so please check there or the notice board in the junior corridor for notices.

*REFLECTION ON Sunday’s GOSPEL READING (From Lectio Devina)

Mark 11:15-17


The key question today is: ‘Why should we believe in Jesus?’ John the evangelist shows why a number of different people, including the disciples, believed or refused to believe in Jesus.

Jews from all over the world came to offer sacrifices in the Temple. They purchased animals for sacrifice in the Temple grounds. But Jesus saw past the convenience to the stall holder’s money-grabbing attitude; they turned a holy place into a market place.

The disciples believed Jesus’ actions in the Temple revealed a deep concern for God to be honoured. They interpreted Jesus’ words in the light of Psalm 69:9 ‘My devotion to your Temple burns in me like a fire;’ and they believed he came from God.

The Jewish authorities, however, saw Jesus’ behaviour as a very serious offence. They demanded he show them a miracle to prove he came from God and with his authority. Jesus answered with a prophecy which no one understood at the time. The prophecy was that he would rise from the dead (verse 19).

This mysterious prophecy made a deep impression on his disciples. They remembered it and when Jesus’ resurrection took place, they understood these words as the prophecy they were. The Jewish authorities on the other hand ridiculed his words, refusing to consider they had any other meaning than the obvious one.

MEDITATION: What light does Mark’s account (Mark 11:15-17) shed on our understanding of this event? The stallholders and the Temple authorities seem to have lost sight of, or certainly misunderstood, whom they were serving. How can we guard against this happening to us? Consider the attitude of the Jewish authorities compared to the disciples. What is their attitude to Jesus’ words and actions? What can we learn from this?

PRAYER: Jesus wanted to honour God in all things. Think about the week ahead and the TV programmes you watch or the jokes you tell. Do they honour God? Ask God to show you gently any area he might want to change over the coming weeks.



“When you fast do not look gloomy,” Jesus says. Today’s consumer society looks on fasting itself as gloomy. Urging everyone to eat, drink, and buy more and more, our world today has made fasting unfashionable.

Yet the gospel message says more and more can ruin human life. An acquisitive spirit is a selfish spirit. And as the alarming numbers of people addicted to drugs and alcohol today prove, the taste for too much can destroy.

Food and drink, clothes and amusements — the good things of life — can turn into your captors, Jesus teaches. In our acquisitive, pleasure-oriented society, fasting is a way of keeping ourselves free.

This Lent, recognizing the hold things have on us, let us try, with God’s help, to keep them in their right place. Some reasonable abstaining from food, drink and entertainments can help us do that.

Indeed today we have new compelling reasons for taking fasting seriously. As the resources of our planet are increasingly threatened, it becomes clear that the human family, especially those living in affluent nations, can no longer be unlimited consumers. We must develop a leaner, less wasteful way of life, if our planet is to survive.

Can the Christian teaching on fasting lead us to a gentler style of living on planet earth?

School Mass – There will be a school Mass on Sunday 1st April – Palm Sunday. This will be followed by a picnic lunch. More details later.

School Interviews ~ These are being held on Monday 26th March from 1.15pm and Tuesday 27 March from 3.15pm. Please note school will close on Monday at 12.30pm. As in previous years these are 3 way interviews (involving pupil, parent & teacher) for 15 minutes each. All bookings will be done on-line at code EHKZ8.

Parents without internet access can contact the school to arrange times.

Athletics – We were lucky with the weather for the zone and school athletics. Once again our children performed very well on the day. All teachers involved at Surrey Park and at school wish to thank the parents who were able to help. Your assistance was much appreciated.

Citizenship – On Tuesday the 6th of March I became a Citizen of New Zealand. I need to become a citizen of New Zealand because I was born in South Africa. Another reason is so if I go out of New Zealand to another country I can still come back to New Zealand.

On that day I will be able to shake the Mayor of Invercargill’s hand. This is going to be cool. I can’t wait and as well I get a special certificate with the Mayor’s signature.

After the ceremony I will get really nice food to celebrate. Yum!!!. By Liam

Rotary Fundraiser

Attached to the newsletter is a flier about a Rotary fundraiser to help support their cause to rid the world of polio. The Sunrise Rotary group donated the garden plots to our school so if you can help by sending along any old CD’s, tapes and records, it would be much appreciated.

The results will be out next week and the Southland Athletics are on Saturday 31st March.

Altar Servers

Saturday 10th March 7.00 pm Reuben Brown & Ben Nind

Sunday 11th March 10.30 am Ben Henderson & Max Forde

Children’s Liturgy Aletta Reid

Year 4 – 6 Aerobics

Children interested in competing in the Aerobics Competition this year are to see Mrs T.K. by Thursday next week please. Dates and prices to come later.

Junior Cricket – This will always be at Queen’s Park @ 3.45 pm. Cancellations will be on the website after 2pm.

Year 4 – 6 Cricket – vs Waverley Park at Marist Clubrooms @ 5pm. Note the later start time.

Sports Results

Seals Flipperball won against Salford 9-1 last Friday.

Under 6 Soccer team played Otatara. POD was Jack Smith.

Kiwi Cricket Under 8s lost to Otatara 25-28. POD was Dylan Hawkes.

Cheese Rolls for Sale – Support ex pupil Meg O’Connell with her trip to USA – Families wanting to support Meg can fill out the order form in the junior corridor for cheese rolls. $20 for 4doz or $6 per doz. Orders due 5th April with delivery being 18th April.

Girl Guide Biscuits for Sale – Girl Guide biscuits for sale at the school this Friday 2.30-3pm – $3 plain or $3.50 chocolate/mini biscuits. Alternatively phone Trish Sherriff 2156811 to place an order.

Children’s Cooking Classes – Adventist School, 3.30 – 5.30 Mon & Wed 7 – 12 yrs

All food provided – $25 each for 8 lessons. Enquiries to Bernice Debono 2304119. There are only 9 places available so be in quick.

Thistle Football Club – Junior Registration Day Saturday 17th March at Corner of Balmoral & Ythan Streets. First Kicks <4-6yrs> Mondays 4-5pm. Fun Football <7-8 yrs> Saturday mornings. Contact Doug Ballie 21 77643 or Nicola Hawkes 21 59330 for more information.

Invercargill Districts Budget Advisory Service – Offer free and confidential budgeting advice to members of the community. Due to increased client numbers, we are looking for new volunteers. Full training and ongoing support will be provided. Enquiries to 218-7007.

Pita Pit – Is looking for someone to join their team working approx. 25 hours per week 11 – 5pm, with some flexibility. There would be the opportunity for weekend work, and the option of school holidays off. If you are interested call into Pita Pit for an application.

Room 6 Class Happenings

Sacred Heart Sports Day

At Surrey Park I had to do some races. I got 5th in it. I did two races. It was fun. After I got back after lunch we did sport at school. It was fun because we were running, kicking, throwing and jumping ~ Hunter

We had a running race and I came third and then a gumboot competition and then I won two times. Then I went to Miss Swney’s group ~ Azriel

On Tuesday it was sports day. We did running, jumping, kicking and dressing up. I was the leader. I had the 6 year olds behind me. I had the best day ever ~ Matthew

On Tuesday the school did sports day. We did running races. I cheered for Greta. I also cheered for Jasmine. We jumped over boxes. We squashed boxes ~ Lucy

On Tuesday we did sports. I came 2nd for the running race. My favourite part was the running race ~ Greta

On Tuesday 6th March 2012 we did sport. First we did racing and then I threw gumboots. I nearly got it over the hedge. It was so much fun. I did dress ups next. It was cool and silly and then I did kicking bottles up high. It was cool ~ Sam

On Tuesday we did a fun sports day. We did bottle throwing, running, dress ups and gumboot throwing. We did it after lunch ~ Luke

Yesterday at sports day the 7 year olds started at Mrs Tagamoa-Kaa. When the whistle blew we had to move onto the next person ~ Aiden

On Tuesday I went to Surrey Park. We stayed there all day. It was fun. We did running races and all sorts of other stuff. There were other schools there. I liked it. I sat beside Katelyn ~ Brookland


If your child would like to participate in the tests listed below, and is Year 4, 5 or 6, please fill out the form and return to the office, with the money, by Friday 23rd March. Sorry no late entries accepted.

Australian Tests

Child’s Name ……………………………… Year ……….

o Computer Skills @ $7.50 each

o Science @ $ 7.50 each

o Writing @ $17.50 each

o Spelling @ $9.50 each

o English @ $7.50 each

o Maths @ $7.50 each Total $ ………