Dear Parents

We certainly have had an early introduction to winter this week.

We are thankful for our new veranda and roof over the junior school, meaning no more leaks into the classrooms.

Our prayers are with the Hackett family.

School Mass

Can you please note the date of our next school mass ~ Sunday 19th June on your calendar. Last term we had a very disappointing turn out and we do expect more commitment this time.

Parent Reconciliation Meeting ~ 1st June 7.30 pm in Room 5

Parent Survey

As part of our school review process, a survey on the management of the school will be sent home. Four families per class will be randomly selected and your results will be sent to an external appraiser who will collate the results for the Board.

This will be sent home on Tuesday 24th May with a follow up e-mail or phone call.

If you cannot complete this form, please let me know.

School Website & Classroom Blogs

The school website is www.shsinv.school.nz

All class blog sites can be accessed from the school tab then classroom blogs:

These have up to date examples of your child’s classroom programmes.

Please use the school calendar for dates for school events. I hope to be able to add sports times to this as well.

Cross Country

The Cross Country was cancelled yesterday due to weather and field conditions.

We want to have the flexibility of running the Cross Country when the opportunity arises. This makes it both impossible for us to timetable and notify parents. Only the 10 and 11 year students are eligible to go to Zones so we might just run those age groups off if the weather continues to be an issue.

Activity Fee

These have been sent out this week, please pay at the office at your earliest convenience. 1 child @ $70

2 children @ $100

3 children @ $125

Compulsory Class Books Rooms 1 & 2 @ $15

Rooms 3 – 9 @ $30

This includes our RE Programme, which is partly subsidised by the BOT.


Thank you for the efforts you make in having the children in the correct uniform.

A couple of reminders:

1. Long sleeve thermals are not to be seen under sports shirts. The children need to wear their jersey for warmth. They will be asked to take off the thermal or put their jersey on.

2. Sports shoes are to be worn with sports uniform only.

3. We do have ‘nasty nits’ in school at the moment, so please keep long hair tied up.

Thank you for your support helping the children wear their uniform with pride.


PTA ~ Oyster Raffle

All families should have received their raffle ticket.

All cards must be back to school Friday 27th May. Extra tickets are available.

The family who sells the most cards will receive a donated voucher from Café Greenworld, and the class who sells the most, will receive a special treat.

Thank you for your support ~ Your PTA

Achievements ~ Congratulations to:

Corbyn Shuttleworth got 6th in the Kartsport Southland Club Championship last weekend. He also received the trophy for best driver of the weekend.

Georgea Newell who received the Championship trophy for her age group at the Waverley Swimming Club Prize-giving last week.

Aidan Jones who recently passed his Karate grading and now is a purple belt.

Kayla Boniface was awarded the Championship trophy for her age group at Collegiate Swimming Club Prize-giving last week.

Hunter Cairns got Player of the Day for the Under 7 Marist Rugby Team this week.

Results of the Southland Primary School Swimming Champs

Well done to the children below who were placed in the top 10.

Sam Thornbury:1st in 50m Butterfly

1st in 50 Backstroke

2nd in 50m Freestyle

4th in 50m Breaststroke

Bree Chilton: 7th in 50m Breaststroke

7th in 50m Backstroke

8th in 50m Freestyle

Khyla Matiu-Watson 10th in 50m Backstroke

Erik Cahill 9th in 50m Butterfly

This relay team was 4th in the Medley and 5th in the Freestyle:

Khyla Matiu-Watson, Bree Chilton, Sam Thornbury and Erik Cahill.

Altar Servers

7.00pm Saturday 21st May Clarke LeBreton

10.30am Sunday 22nd May Ben Nind & Reuben Brown

Nicki Brookland (Children’s Liturgy)

Good luck to Tom Heads who is competing in the Boxing Tournament

in Gore at the weekend.


Next Fruit Delivery Thursday 26th May (Apples, Pears, Pumpkins)

Please fill out the form in the junior corridor if you require fruit from Millers Flat.

Paddington Arms Restaurant

Are you looking for a bit more money to get the extras?

Paddington Arms is looking for a person who loves meeting and enjoying seeing people out to have a great evening. Someone who is bright and happy and willing to go the extra mile to make sure the guests are well looked after. Must be available week nights and weekends, (days or evenings) on a casual basis. To be part of a great team of like minded people. Enquiries to Graham or Glenise Hawkes 215-8156 or 0275661056.

Highland Dancing Lessons

If anyone is interested in the above lessons for beginners age 4 – 7, please contact Heidi 215-8940. There is a competition on at Donovan School, Saturday 21st May, 8am – all spectators welcome.

Class Happenings ~ Room 3

As part of our literacy programme this term we are focusing on writing narrative stories.

In the first week of this term, Sacred Heart School was lucky enough to be invited to watch the S.I.T students perform their version of ‘Jack and the Beanstalk’.

Below are some descriptions of a character we saw called Fleshcreep that we saw:

Fleshcreep was a character from ‘Jack and the Beanstalk’. He was very mean and he was ugly too. I didn’t like him. He had black hair and he also had colourful hair.

Fleshcreep had a cackling laugh that sounded like a witch. It made me scared of him. He was also very scary because he said he was going to eat us ~ Laura

Fleshcreep was a creep. He was mean. He had colourful hair on his head and his shoulders. He was mean because he scared us by trying to catch people.

His laugh was creepy ~ Benjamin

In Jack and the Beanstalk, Fleshcreep had black clothes with white paint.

He was freaky because he was mean. He spat at us ~ Aiden

Fleshcreep had a mohawk and colourful shoulders and black clothes.

He was a bad monster because he got Daisy the cow in the dungeon ~ Reilly

Fleshcreep had a creepy laugh and he was a monster.

He was scary and he had a Mohawk ~ Kade

Fleshcreep had black clothes. He also had a dress on. On the shoulder part of his dress were colourful feathers. Some of his dress was black and white.

Fleshcreep was mean because he bought Daisy the cow from Jack.

When Jack got home he found the gold had turned into beans.

Fleshcreep put Daisy into the dungeon ~ Ella